Step 1: Book A Discovery Call

Step 2: Project Consultation

Once you have scheduled your Discovery Call with us, it is highly recommend for a in person visit. This allows Brittany and her team to lay out all details of your project. We approach the type of Consultation based on the scope of your project, so select the one that best fits your needs and we’ll be knocking at your door in no time!


Interior Design.

Giving your home a new Style

Drafting architectural plans and elevations to plan and execute the end result of a fabulous room. Floor plans, furniture selections, color schemes, lighting, accessories, custom window treatments, wall coverings, and faux finishes.

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Lighting Design.

A Little Change Goes a Long Way

From furnishings and material selection to interior architectural planning, we imbue each space with the owner’s unique style and personality. Brighten up your space with our decorative and functional Lighting Design Consultation that meet the needs of each area.

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Spatial Planning.

The Way to Your Dream Space Starts Here

Our Spatial Planning services suit each client’s specific needs, requirements and taste. Our interior designers do everything to reflect our client’s desires and translate those into a design that hits all the right notes.

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Home Staging.

The Little Touches that Make All the Difference

There’s no denying it: Homes that are staged well definitely stand out. Not only does the right amount of decluttering, organizing and accessorizing make your home more attractive, it can actually increase its value.

Rathell will provide fully furnished staged rooms for your home—from the rugs on the floor to the art on the walls—to create important first impressions for potential home buyers.

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